SA insurance provider has been hit by a major data breach

SA insurance provider has been hit by a major data breach

South African insurance provider QSure was struck by a major data breach earlier this month, one that led to banking information and other sensitive data being compromised. The company hasn’t said how many records were scooped during the intrusion.

What personal information was affected?

QSure became aware that it had been subject to illegal and unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure, and immediately isolated its IT network and shut down its systems.”

Data collected includes “…includes banking details, account holder name, bank account numbers and bank branch codes”.

QSure provides services to the South African insurance industry, including collections and premium handling, so while you may not have heard of them, there’s a chance you’ve come into contact with them at some point.

It’s not a good month for companies. If it’s not ransomware (which is arguably the better option for end-users) then it’s data breaches. This insurance hack is just the latest in a terrible month for cyber-security.

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The lesson here: make sure that you conduct a data impact assessment; know who you are sharing your personal information with and why; ensure that your electronic security is active and updated, and do not allow your business to fall victim of data breaches as a result.

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