Assertiveness at Work

The purpose of the programme:

Much of the success of an organisation depends on the ability of the leaders – team leaders, foremen/women and managers – to get the workers to accomplish the task.
In order to do this effectively, they need to exercise leadership, stand up for themselves and express their needs, opinions and beliefs in a direct yet respectful manner. Assertiveness at Work helps senior team leaders, foremen/women and junior managers find the balance between being soft on people and hard on results.

Expected outcomes:
  • Impact on others in a self-confident manner
  • Stand up for their rights without violating the rights of others
  • Express their opinions and views in a firm yet respectful manner
  • Make themselves heard
  • Command attention
  • More effectively deal with conflict and confrontation


  1. Concepts: Four types of behavior when under pressure
  2. Mastering assertive communition
  3. Using the recipe – the ingredients:

3.1 Try to understand the other person’s position/point of view
3.2 Express your concern
3.3 Explain why this is a problem
3.4 Say what you want done about it/explore options with the person
3.5 Knowing when and how to use each of these ingredients

  1. Applying the principles of assertiveness
  2. Experimenting with helpful tools and techniques

Additional Info:

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Minimum per Group: 8 delegates
  • Maximum per group: 20 delegates
  • Language: Afrikaans & English & Xhosa
The course is also available for in-house presentation.
Also see Assertiveness (Module 5) as part of the Lifeskills programme under Personal Growth/Lifeskills. We strongly advise that one or more of the Lifeskills programmes are attended before doing Assertiveness at Work. 
Please contact our offices for more information.

Course dates:

The course is also available for in-house presentation. Please contact our offices for more information.