Hantering van Personeelvermindering

The purpose of the programme:

Upon completion of the seminar the attendees should have a better understanding of how to approach staff reduction.

Attendees will have a better understanding of the process and reasons for staff reduction.

Attendees will be more confident in handling difficult situations.

You will have better knowledge about why certain choices are being made and how to navigate those correctly and in a fair manner. How to apply consultation and achieve consensus.


  1. Why reduce the staff corps.
  2. What does ‘Organisational reasons’ mean?
  3. Reasons for legal service termination.
  4. Section 189 of Labour Law regarding termination of service
    • Voluntary staff reduction
    • Who can the employee consult with according to Art 189(1) of the Law?
    • The goal of consultation
    • Length of the process and the strive towards proper consultation.
    • Written invitation for consultation and suggestions.
    • Alternatives for staff reductions.
    • Time awarded for consultation
  5. Substantive and procedural fair action.
  6. Representation for employees.
  7. Criteria used to determine who should go.
  8. Separation pack and other payments.
  9. Documentation
    • Notice to employee
    • UIF
    • Provident- / Pension funds
    • Service certificate
    • Letter of reference
    • Recommendations for other possible positions elsewhere.
    • Possible future jobs
  10. Large scale staff reduction
    • Employing a facilitator if agreed between parties
    • Timeframe in which the facilitator must complete the issue
  11. Involvement of the Labour Court
    • Application in terms of Art 189 A (13)
    • Verdict regarding fair procedure
    • Referring to the Labour Court by employer in terms of Art 191(5)(b)ii

12. Previous verdicts by the Labour Court

Additional Info:

Duration: 3 hours

Webportal: ZOOM


Course dates:

The course is also available for in-house presentation. Please contact our offices for more information.