The purpose of the programme:

Senior leaders set the organisation’s priorities, goals and objectives. Moreover, they set the tone and create the culture. Yet no-one has a greater impact on team members’ engagement levels than first line leaders. Interacting with employees daily, they are the most likely to influence employees’ work experiences.

LeadQ® First line leaders hold tremendous responsibility and form a central link in the employee engagement chain. Organisations expect them to execute strategy by effectively utilising human capital. Employees in turn expect them to attend to their individual needs, show appreciation, treat them with respect, make their work meaningful and support their development. As the primary channel through which information is directed within an organisation, first line leaders need to represent and communicate the organisation’s goals, objectives and values to employees while also ensuring employees’ voices are heard, responding to their concerns and feeding back to senior management. Everything first line leaders do and say, how they behave and how engaged they are themselves, directly affect employees’ attitudes towards their work and the organisation, their emotional and rational connection to the organisation and ultimately their performance. Ironically, few first line leaders are equipped for this role, many having been promoted for their technical competence. Generic supervisory training generally focusses more on day-to-day management rather than on how to engage, inspire and interact with the people they lead, or how to ensure their teams execute common goals together by informing, involving and incenting them. This gap can place an organisation’s investment in the development and engagement of its staff at risk. Free To Grow provides first line leaders with a comprehensive blended learning development journey to address this gap.


WorkQ® starts the process. It strengthens their personal core and connection to their work and the organisation, increasing their own engagement levels, confidence and commitment.

LeadQ® continues the process.

Part 1: Provides leaders with the attitude, mindset and skill set to become active drivers of engagement in the organisation.


Part 2: via TeamConnect®, gives them the practical tools and skills to engage everyone to execute common goals through effective team work.

Part 3: via coaching circles and growth projects, cements the newly acquired skills and mindsets while also providing additional tools and skills crucial for engaging leadership.

Additional Info:

Duration: 2 days (Optional: Part 2, 2 days, Part 3, Monthly/Bi-Monthly)
Minimum per Group: 8 delegates
Maximum per group: 16 delegates
Language: Afrikaans & English & Xhosa

Course dates:

The course is also available for in-house presentation. Please contact our offices for more information.