Supervisory Skills: Quality & Productivity

The purpose of the programme:

  1. Objective:

The purpose of this programme is to equip the supervisor with the knowledge and skills to successfully do the following:

  • How to set quality, productivity and morale improvement goals for their subordinates.
  • How to communicate goals to every team member.
  • How to measure these goals and
  • How to effectively keep record
  • How to rectify and manage the subordinates when goals are not achieved.
  1. Production records and a plan of action

Delegates leave the course with a pro forma production record and a plan of action which they must discuss with their managers back at work. Managers are welcome to participate at the end of the first day’s session where the advantages of the supervisor’s new knowledge can be discussed.

  1.  Farm visit (Optional)

After completing the program, Pieter Swanepoel can do a site visit on the farm to assess how new supervisory skills are being applied practically. He will meet with both the supervisor and his manager.


Supervisors are held responsible for various tasks of which the delivery of a quality product/task, the productivity of his subordinates and the morale of the workers reporting to him/her are the most important.

Supervisors are held responsible when goals are not achieved!

During this two-day programme, Supervisors are taught how to successfully manage their team’s work quality, productivity and morale.

Additional Info:

Duration: 2 days
Cost: Contact
Minimum: 10
Maximum: 20


Course dates:

The course is also available for in-house presentation. Please contact our offices for more information.