WorkQ (Personal,Work,Team and Organisation’s Journey)

The purpose of the programme:

Employee engagement is a two-person game. While leadership is the key driver of employee engagement, much can be done from a development perspective to enhance the capacity for engagement within employees. WorkQ® has been designed as a tool for this. It goes beyond IQ and EQ to develop the mindset, knowledge and skills that enable non-management employees to understand the needs of the organisation, make them aware of what is expected from them to sustain and grow the organisation and be more willing, eager and able to contribute their best and effectively support each other in the process.

WorkQ® sheds light on both the personal and work journeys of employees and enhances:

1. Confidence:
Helps employees believe in their own value, become aware of their potential, maximise their strengths and be more able
to handle challenges that come their way.

2. Commitment:
Helps employees understand the ‘bigger picture’ of their organisation – its mission, vision, values and strategies – and
link this to the employees’ personal purpose and passion so that they experience their work as more meaningful.

3. Contribution: Deepens awareness of how they can contribute to the success of their team, department and organisation, increasing pride in their work and growing initiative and willingness to go the extra mile.

4. Connection:
Develops understanding for the need to work constructively with others to produce results and enhances respect,
trust and open communication in the team.


1. Introduction: The journey
2. Personal journey
3. Work Journey
4. The orginisation’s journey
5. Interpersonal journey:
  • The role of people in an organisation
  • What is required to work effectively with other people
  • Stereotypes and prejudices: where they come from and how to deal with them
  • The need to build each other up and not break each other down
  • Growing trust, respect and openness in your work relationships
  • Respect
  • Open communication: Expressing your needs, feelings and concerns in a way that is open and honest, but respectful
  • What to do when people put you down: the need to respond from the head and not from the gut or the heart

Additional Info:

Duration: 2 days (3 days with the Team Journey included)
Minimum per Group: 8 delegates
Maximum per group: 16 delegates
Language: Afrikaans & English & Xhosa

The course is only available for in-house presentation.
Please contact our offices for more information.

Course dates:

The course is also available for in-house presentation. Please contact our offices for more information.