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Paarl La Concorde,
57 Main Road,
Paarl, 7646

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Fax: +27 21 863 0906

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General HR Services

Job Grading and salary comparisons Performance management Leadership and Team Development Mergers, Acquisitions, Re-engineering and Takeovers

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Training & Development

HOPKINS COETZEE ASSOCIATES offers the following training programmes under License: Money Sense, Arbeidswetgewing, Positive Living, Besigheidsbeginsels, Lifeskills...

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Recruitment & Talent Management

Our speciality lies mainly in the Agricultural Sector, our client base ranging from the producer, to packhouses, exporters, service organisations, etc, incorporating mainly the fruit and wine industries, but we are well ...



We have a complete set of assessment instruments available. These assessments can be utilised for your selective needs.


Significant changes to EE reporting


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The director of the Liquor Board recently announced that all liquor licence holders must be BEE compliant or risk having their registrations cancelled. Having a ‘BEE non-compliant scorecard’ will no longer suffice. If the member does not comply, he will have to submit a three-year BEE plan. During our Agri B-BBEE workshop this issue will…



New diagnostic tool to measure your business drivers that can improve its success. We have developed a diagnostic tool to assist you and your senior team to measure your important business drivers. Metrics and KPI’s are used to drive improvements and help businesses focus their people and resources on what’s important. The diagnostic allows you…



4 UUR MINIMUM BETALING Daar bestaan groot verwarring rondom die betaling van ‘n minimum van 4 ure, al word daar minder ure gewerk. Die bepaling geld vir enige dag van die week, dus ook Saterdae en Sondae, al is hierdie dae nie normale werksdae nie. Indien vooraf kennis gegee word en mense meld nie aan…



Werkgewers moet asb kennis neem dat hierdie skema met 10 jaar (tot 28 Februarie 2029) verleng is. Diegene wat nog nie hiervan gebruik gemaak het nie, kan dit gerus oorweeg, want seisoenswerkers is ingeluit en dit kan dus ‘n groot verskil maak in u loonsrekening. Besoek gerus SARS se webtuiste vir meer inligting of

Wat elke werker en werkgewer moet weet oor gesondheid en veiligheid in die werkplek


Volg die skakel om die handleiding af te laai OHS Booklet

Hoe produktief is u Agri-besigheid?


Deur ons diagnostiese instrument te gebruik om belangrike drywers te meet kan u besigheid se sukses verbeter. Ons het ‘n diagnostiese instrument ontwikkel om u en u senior span te help om u belangrike besigheids-drywers te meet. Metrieke en KPIs word gebruik om verbeterings te dryf en besighede se mense en hulpbronne te fokus op…

How productive is your Agri-business?


Using our diagnostic tool to measure your business drivers can improve its success. We have developed a diagnostic tool to assist you and your senior team to measure your important business drivers. Metrics and KPIs are used to drive improvements and help businesses focus their people and resources on what’s important. The diagnostic allows you…

SIZA is announcing a Beyond Audit programme


SIZA is proud to announce an exciting new addition to the SIZA programme – BEYOND AUDITS. Auditing has been a catalyst for driving sustainable change in the global supply chain for several years. The number of workplace violations were reduced through a principle of driving continuous improvement.  Conducting audits on farms, pack houses, processing facilities…

National Minimum Wage Act


The National Minimum Wage Act comes into effect on 1 January 2019. The proclamation was published in Government Gazette 42104. President Ramaphosa assented to the act at the end of November 2018. The bill was passed by parliament and sent for assent in August 2018. It was tabled in parliament in November 2017. The act…


  • Hoe weet ek die persoon of instansie wat ek vir werwing gebruik is geregistreer by die Departement van Arbeid?

  • Hoe word verlof en skeidingspakkette vir tydelike werknemers bereken?

  • Kwalifiseer 'n aanneem-ma vir kraamverlof?

  • Hoop normale verlof op wanneer iemand met verlof is as gevolg van 'n besering aan diens?

  • Are foreigners covered by UIF?

  • Indien 'n persoon een dag van die week oortyd werk, maar nie sy volle ure per week nie, moet ek steeds oortyd betaal word?

The HopkinsCoetzee Associates team of consultants are committed to your workplace prosperity. Apart from consultation services and personal advice, we can contribute to the success of your company by implementing and monitoring specific processes and projects. We also source expert associates that are carefully screened and selected to provide an efficient, cost-effective one stop service. We further specialise in management recruitment and HR project management to properly address any of your human resources needs.

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The HopkinsCoetzee Associates team offers many years of experience in:


If you need help in strategic planning, we use the latest technology to assist you in setting realistic and attainable goals for your company. We involve managers, workers and unions in facilitating the process.


In order to gain an understanding of your company’s current situation, we will conduct an audit to assist us in making recommendations. This could lead to a more prosperous future, based on the needs, vision and commitment of everyone involved.


With the latest techniques, our existing network and extensive database of jobseekers, we can recruit the best person for any position. We place people that meet the specified requirements, thereby minimising risks.


We can help you develop and implement policies and procedures regarding workplace relations. The first step is to build capacity by creating a common vision amongst management and employees. Agreements are then put in place, which will either prevent conflict or help to manage it effectively.


A set of sound remuneration principals should emerge from the human resources strategy of any organisation. We assist in all aspects of remuneration management by linking it with performance. The company's strategic priorities are directed into different departments that reflect in the performance targets of each employee.


We can assist you to identify training and development needs, formulate a training strategy, facilitate the management of change, training and development and ensure that the entire process is ultimately integrated with your business strategy.


Labour legislation has a truly powerful impact upon human resource management. Not only can we address all aspects of labour law, but we can ensure that your personnel policies, procedures and practices are sound and correctly implemented.


We will provide you with professional, value added human resource systems and procedures to help you manage people effectively.

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