We have a complete set of assessment instruments available, regarding personality types, aptitudes, competency behaviours and skills. These assessments can be utilised to assist with your selection needs, or to determine the development needs of your current staff. We also have online assessments available. These tests can be done on all levels in your organisation.

Basic Personality and Aptitude Assessment

This test battery will be administered by one of our associate consultants at their offices in Stellenbosch or Johannesburg

The test provides a quick overview of the individual’s personality as well as a score on 5 aptitude tests (verbal reasoning; numerical reasoning; abstract reasoning; mechanical insight; spatial perception)

It only takes 3 hours to complete – and will give an indication of basic personality traits as well as cognitive potential.

It will also establish whether an individual can in fact read and write at an appropriate level.

This process can only be utilized where large numbers are being assessed.

Consequently, only groups of 8 and more are being assessed on this battery.

Screening Assessment

This test is an online assessment.

The individual in question is sent a link.

The test takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Once the candidate has completed the online test, a report will be provided.

This test provides an indication as to whether a candidate is a prospect for further selection processes – like an interview.

Online Psychometrics and Ability Assessment

This test is an online assessment.

Again a candidate will be furnished with an email that will contain a number of links to questionnaires that need to be completed online.

The online battery consists of 4 tests that takes +/- 40 minutes each.

Once the candidate has completed the online test, a report can be provided.

The test provides a full psychological profile of the candidate (focusing on Emotional Intelligence as well as Derived Competencies).

Derived competencies refer to certain skills that the individual should be able to perform well or less well due to the personality traits that he/she has.

Full Assessment

The full assessment process runs over a full day period and takes place at our associate consultant’s offices in Stellenbosch or Johannesburg

Candidates are assessed regarding their full psychological profile, their various aptitudes (cognitive potential) as well as a full competency profile.

Individuals complete on-the-job type activities whereby they are measured regarding how they currently apply certain skills and knowledge.

The competencies assessed can be generic or can be aligned to the competency model utilised by the organisation. The organisation can decide on the report format which they prefer.

Disc (Workstyle Analysis)

DISC is a behavioural assessment that describes 4 qualities of ‘personality’ – Drive, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and provides valuable information about; internal energy, ability to delegate, preferred work pace, response to conflict, tolerance for risk, comfort with change and much more. The reports are used to improve results and can be applied to personal/professional development, recruitment, coaching and change initiatives.