C19 TERS: Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme

From the Unemployment Insurance Commissioner


Dear Employer


C19 TERS: Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme

Please note the following :


A :Process to follow when applying for Covid19ters

Steps 1:

Key Documents required

  • Prescribed template that will require critical information from the employer – employees bank details needed here. Refer to section C for more clarity   (attachment 1)
  • Employer or Bargaining council applying must complete this ( attachment 4 )
  • MOA (completion of the agreement between UIF, Bargaining Council  and Employer) ; only applicable to employers that has more than 10 employees
    • Choose the MOA relating to your role in the process:
      • Employer (attachment 5)
      • Bargaining Council that can pay the benefits directly to employees (attachment 6)
      • Bargaining council that cannot pay employees directly (attachment 7)
      • Tourism or Mineral council  (attachment 8)
  • Confirmation of  bank account details for Covid19ters in the form latest bank confirmation letter  (no need to certify)
  • Letter of Undertaking ( attachment 9 )                          

**All documents submitted will be subjected to verification.


Step 2:

Submission Process

Submit t all documents as required to UIF via dedicated mailbox Covid19UIFclaims@labour.gov.za

Total of 5 documents (exclude MOA if under 10 employees)


  • Fill company name on page 1
  • Initial each page
  • Sign in full at the end.


Step 3:


Our Covid19 system will attend to all application and thereafter send you a approval/rejection letter.


B: Additional  Information

  1. Minimum Wage – The Minimum wage  that will be used to determine minimum payment to employees is R3500 Per Month
  2. Opening of a special account is only applicable to Bargaining council as they represent multiple employers.
  3. Payment can be made to either:
  • Employer
  • Bargaining Council /Council
  • Employees
  1. Leave income = salary paid during lockdown/shutdown period if applicable.  There could be R0 earned.
  2. Termination date is the last  remuneration date received by the employee  for the shutdown.  This could be either 26th March or 31st  March.


 C: Rules  for completing prescribed template

Step -1                        Prepare the list of all employees with all mandatory information using the file National Disaster Payment – Excel Template (Attachment 1)


Step -2                        Use the “Guidelines – To Convert_ Excel_TO_CSV” document as required by UIF


Step -3      Refer attachment 3 to view sample of what we need as a  final CSV file.


Step4      Submit 5 files in total. (exclude MOA if under 10 employees)



Enquiries regarding process or clarification can be directed to 0800 030 007 or 012 337 1997



Unemployment Insurance Commissioner