SOUTH AFRICA: CSAAWU avoids closure

The Commercial, Stevedoring, Agricultural and Allied Workers union (Csaawu) announced today that it will not be forced to close down.

The union faced bankruptcy after two Labour Court judgements in 2014 that awarded costs against the farmworkers and the union. This debt amounted to nearly R600,000.

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State creates employment agency for jobs in both public and private sectors

The government has officially opened up its own employment agency to help jobless people find work. Called the Public Employment Service, the agency will have desks in labour department offices countrywide, which will enable jobseekers to apply for jobs in both the public and private sector.

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Strikes costing South Africa billions

South Africa saw 88 strikes in 2014, which cost the country’s economy R6.1 billion, according the Department of Labour. In 2013, South Africa recorded 114 strikes, but the overall impact was much heavier in 2014 as the total number of strike days in creased from between 1 to 5 in 2014, to up to 20 in 2014.

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