When can we expect to see the new labour laws come into operation

Most employers will be aware that changes to our existing labour laws have been proposed for a long time now. Some may not yet have responded to the challenges of the proposed changes because this debate about labour law reform has, after all, been on-going since the ANC elective manifesto of 2009. However, it now seems that the amendments are not far off and this article serves to place in context the immanency of the new labour laws.

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The new leadership to the fore – Cassie du Plessis

The more things change, the more they stay the same … This is probably how many a wine industry participant has felt in recent years about the leadership and structures. The same people, the same talk. Yes more achievements and maybe maintained momentum, but mounting problems on all fronts.

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Sitrusuitvoer sal nie deur die Europese Unie (EU) se verbod geraak word nie, want dis net van toepassing op die 2013-seisoen, wat reeds in Oktober verby is.

Só sê prof. Vaughan Hattingh, uitvoerende hoof van die Sitruskwerkersvereniging, in ’n verklaring op die vereniging se webwerf.

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