Minimum Wage Hospitality Industry

The minimum wage for South Africa’s vulnerable sector of hospitality will be revised upward with effect from 01 July 2018.

The new Hospitality Sectoral Determination which governs minimum wage rate in the sector will be effective until 30 June 2019.

The minimum rate for employers with 10 or less employees will be

  • a monthly wage of R3 384.71 (2016/2017: R2 959.35);
  • a weekly rate of R R781.14 (2016/2017: R689.97); and
  • an hourly rate of R17.34 (2016/2017: R15.17).

The new wages for employers with more than 10 employees will be

  • a minimum monthly rate of R3 772.65 (2016/2017: R3 298.52);
  • a weekly rate of R870.62 (2016/2017: R761.25); and
  • an hourly rate of R19.35 (2016/2017: R16.91).

The current wage increases have been determined by utilizing the April CPI (excluding owners’ equivalent rent) reported by Stats SA on the 23 May 2018 which is 4.5% plus 1.5% as prescribed in the Sectoral Determination.

The total increase is 6%.