National Minimum Wage in South Africa for 2022

19 December 2021-

The National Minimum Wage Commission has proposed an increase to the wage of CPI plus 1%. This is likely to mean a 6% increase in the wage next year. In terms of an actual amount, that would set the new minimum wage at R23 per hour. Up from R21.69.

Arguably the biggest aspect of the proposed increase is the decision to equalise the minimum wages for domestic workers. Currently, domestic workers’ minimum wage is only enforced at 88% of the national minimum wage.

The equalisation from next year would see the domestic workers’ hourly minimum rise from just over R19 to R23.

“These increases will make a positive difference in the lives of over 6 million workers currently paid at the NMW level. It will mean a significant increase for the 892 000 domestic workers who are overwhelmingly women.”