07 December 2023


Recommendation is CPI +3

Commentary must be submitted before 8th of January 2024

Employer organisations
The Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa urges the Commission to consider a multi-year outlook with medium-term projections and yearly. We therefore propose that the mean CPI for the preceding calendar year be used as the measure and consider that employers in primary agriculture offer their employees a variety of benefits, including the provision of housing, water, and electricity necessities.

AGRI Letaba, Agri SA, Agri Western Cape, Agri Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Union proposed a 3.5 – 4% increase. The current economic climate, the conditions of agriculture (i.e. being price takers), Load shedding, ongoing fuel hikes, collapsing infrastructure, dilapidated railway system, ailing municipal service delivery and increasing taxation, risk of mechanisation, inflation and rising interest rates are some of the reasons given for the proposed percentage.

The Confederation of Employers in South Africa proposes that the national minimum wage be abolished as it fuels the influx of illegal immigrants and raises the rate of unemployment amongst South Africans. Consolidated Employers Organisation and HORTGRO recommend an average annual CPI. Proactive Employers Association of SA is concerned that Small and medium enterprises, may struggle to absorb the higher wage bills. This could lead to potential job losses. Retail Association proposes that adequate consideration should be given to how increases to the national minimum wage stifle job creation. South Africa Wine Industry (SAWI), Springfield Farm and VINPRO feel that the agricultural sector has not fully recovered from the effects of COVID-19. It was impacted even greatly due to the ban of the sale alcohol and wine. The decline in the consumption of nuts, the Ukraine war and inefficient port operations continue to affect the industry negatively