SIZA is announcing a Beyond Audit programme

SIZA is proud to announce an exciting new addition to the SIZA programme – BEYOND AUDITS.

Auditing has been a catalyst for driving sustainable change in the global supply chain for several years. The number of workplace violations were reduced through a principle of driving continuous improvement.  Conducting audits on farms, pack houses, processing facilities and workplaces in general have provided objective measurement, to benchmark progress.  Yet auditing is not the only solution.  The Beyond Audit online programme will give producers the opportunity to show areas where they feel they have reached more than compliance, create value and sustain practices beyond the audit process.

Samples of best practices include the following:  Providing a Provident fund, Health- Clinics/services, Sport facilities, Crèches, Aftercare facilities, Training and Development initiatives, Wellness programmes, etc.

Once the details are uploaded to the platform, SIZA will review these best practices and if approved, it will reflect as a Beyond Audit program in the producer’s member listing on the platform.  It will also, together with other data, be visible to linked members (exporters, importers and retailers) of choice. With this initiative we aim to showcase best practices of suppliers and at the same time try to create a balanced view of ethical (social) assurance practices in agriculture.

For suppliers:

To be part of this exciting new section on the Platform, please share your best practices related to the SIZA code principles in the Beyond Audit section by following a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your SIZA profile.
  2. In the navigation bar, click on the “Beyond Audits” tab.
  3. You will be able to add a new Beyond Audit listing or edit existing listings.
  4. It is important that you select the SIZA module and relevant SIZA Code principle(s).
  1. Give a detailed description of the best practice i.e. when started, what the objectives are, how many employees are affected, etc.  You can list multiple Beyond Audit practices.
  1. Click ‘save’.
  1. SIZA will be notified of the new entry and will “approve/disapprove/delete” it based on the relevance.

For more information or contact details go to