“It is quite unbelievable to us that we are recruiting for our 3rd Academic year which will run from 1 June 2015 until end May 2016. Many of you will know that we ended Year 1 with 24 out of the 25 students who started, that within 5 months 100% were employed, and that for Year 2 we still have 100% student retention (at month 9). We are starting to establish strong track record and are operationally ready to expand.

For Year 3 we are growing our Stellenbosch campus to 30 students, with 10 of these being students from Franschhoek. This is as a result of a strong commercial pull from that area to employ our students and graduates. Should we make the R1 million we are working on by end March (!) we will also expand to that area for a full class of 25!”

Nikki Munroe, Programme Developer of the Pinotage Youth Development Academy in Stellenbosch.

Please click here to find the student application form should you know anyone who may be suitable. The main criteria (other than the base criteria) is the “spark”, drive and readiness to bring change.

Please do remember to keep the graduation date of 22 May from 16h00 in the Stellenbosch Town Hall. Premier Helen Zille will be one of the speakers.